Have to say that outside at Tottenham White Hart Lane before the game was perhaps the most passionate I’ve experienced for the North London Derby against Arsenal for quite a while. Minor clashes between small groups of supporters and police. One policeman on a horse being a bit heavy-handed but then atmosphere was charged.

I took a film and a half on the Nikon with the wide-angle and polarizing filter and used the small Olympus for close-ups. Made a point today of not using the digital at all. I think it paid off though will have to wait to process the slide film to be sure. Closer the better though.

This is the fourth season I have been working on the ‘All Other Routes’ project. The FA cup semi-finals and Championship play-offs are a few weeks away. Wembley isn’t too much of a schlep on a bike but the trips over East London to West Ham take their toll. Have Yet to cycle over to Crystal Palace. Bit of a trek. Kennington Park Road then through Brixton. with 10 games of the season left and with the relegation places getting tighter the importance of the games will become more tense and hopefully worth the trouble cycling over South London.