Untitled 2004, Islington Park St N1

Been trying to remember when and where since I posted this.

it was a few years ago (2006?) while cycling  round London taking pictures.

the location is between Upper street and Liverpool road in North London. that’s Liverpool road just a few cars ahead.. Islington Park Street

the car was  overtaking as I was on a bike with the camera on a strap round me neck. On program / auto focus

the image is cropped but was taken with a wide angle lens 17-35 mm

Nikon F90 and the film used is 35 mm Ilford Delta 3200

which is a bit odd as it’s a fast film but the conditions are early -mid afternoon.

if it were printed properly the tone of the diffused sky  would be  off white

incidentally the dog did bark a few times.

there’s a few more  images like this in the vaults of negatives from around that time.

will try and find and will then post accordingly.