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  1. Hey Stuart, cheers for that! yeah i did check reader and noticed the absence of images. First thought it might be the tags as they sometimes seem to direct the images to a particular section like fine art or street photography. Haven’t changed any settings at all. Will contact WP tech and try and find out what’s happening. Nice Stu for getting in touch. Best, Baz

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  2. Hi Baz, just wanted to say thanks for checking out & liking my blog post ‘Tagged’, I really appreciate it. You have some excellent thought provoking photos, I look forward to following with interest!

    Thanks again, Urban Shutterbug!

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  3. Your blog is nice and I like also the images. I will follow you. I have also a question about this “Hum” theme. On the bottom you have some galleries. These are with a white background. How did you do that?

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  4. hi guys, how r u? I found your blog recently, and I found the picture u took on 03/05/2015. I’m the boy Keith in your that picture. It’s really a nice moment we met near the stadium. Time goes fast, it is also the second time for Chelsea to get the PL Champions, but the girl in the picture have already leaved me for longtime. Thanks for your picture, it really really brings me to the wonderful memories we through. Hope she and u and everyone lives better in the future.

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