Underworld 1985 – 1991


Here’s a brief history of the times between 1985 – 1991.

I met Karl Rick Alf and Bryn first when I was a tape-op at Mayfair Recording Studios in Chalk Farm between 1982 -85 when they were signed to CBS as the band FREUR. Squiggle. Their recording sessions at that time were a surreal experience of what I remember anyway. Encrusting most of studio one, recording booths and AMEK board in tape sculptures of hairy potatoes and an old TEAC 4 track covered in tape and decorated with magic marker drawings bit like the American artist Keith Haring. Kind of surreal looking creatures made of masking in caves (recording booths) from a strange land far away. In my head at any rate. Olly Fitzjones (Low Pressure) got me the interview with Kate Hudson the studio boss. And me Olly and Olly’s brother Jake all went to Chelsea as kids. For years. So cheers Olly anyway for that.  Oldest friends from primary and secondary school.

I seem to remember Alfie most vividly with his lunch eating rituals for some reason. Stacking what looked like square white-bread (Nimble?) sandwiches with only tomato ketchup inside? But they were made with such care and pride. And spread on the bread so carefully and precisely.

All the band were dressed in outrageous shiny outfits (costumes?) and hair do’s of long crimped henna. And we go ‘Doot Doot’..what a tune! What did it mean though? What is a Doot? How…? And Rick with B.O – yeah but I was the smelly one right? and Arp synths wow. Electronics genius is Rick and a massive Zawinal fan so that was hip enough to me. Lol. So the Underneath The Radar maxim of ‘So Get Hip’ always meant for me – Listen to Zawinal. But what is Hip?

These guys were well ahead of Prince. I mean that in a good way of course. Diamonds and Pearls. Matters of the Heart. Runaway. Riders in the Night. Whispering. John (it’s really Weird) Hudson did amazing engineering the stuff. Great sound.

For me working in the copy suite I spent most of the spare time editing together funky mix tapes for friends for parties at the weekends. This in between copying production tapes for cutting purposes for studio clients Chrysalis Records among others. Spandau Ballet, Pat Benetar, White and Torch, Ultravox stuff like that.. Blondie. Cool. Rory Gallagher- Ten Years After. Having to listen to the same albums over and over again. Setting the machines azimuth aligning with specific tones for playback. There was always loads of music gear stored in the studio from various bands recording sessions. 808’s 909’s Linn Drum machines. Emulators. Synth City. Excellent.

Other times were spent editing versions of current dance tunes (Electro and Hip Hop) spending most of my wages in the record store Groove Records on Greek Street. Remember the funky old lady? Who knew all the top releases of the day and who sat there behind the wheels of steel at the counter spinning all the new vinyl? She was a great character. It was around this time while editing a version of Rockit by Herbie Hancock onto BASF 1/4 tape got into conversations with Rick and Karl first in the copy suite in between multi copying Bucks Fizz onto tape cassettes 20 at a time. LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE! All the hits. NOW THOSE DAYS ARE GONE! Eurovison song contest.etc yippee. Both seemed interested.

It was probably about a year or so later at one of the drunken Mayfair studio Christmas parties and after I’d left Mayfair as tape op that I got an invitation to audition for the band (now Underworld) at their studio which at this time was in Bexhill on Sea.  Full of old biddies so I thought. Windy grey skies and stormy seas but don’t think we left the house. Spent all day playing music.

Don’t remember much else of this time in Bexhill. Only a couple of days maybe. Enough time so check out if I could play bass or not. I was a drummer. So no I wasn’t much of a bass player at all really was a bit of a blag really. But at the same time not really much of drummer either Lol. In the house was a room full of music equipment- keyboards guitars drum machines and a television screen and video which was used to run films with the sound down so with the purpose of I imagined to create film soundtracks while viewing a film this turned out to be so. Terminator a favorite film to create a soundtrack to.. drones and pulsating synths.. Arps..  car chases through empty streets at night and off ramps. A ritual watching this film that continued on most of the tours we did. Top film.

Also I remember staying over the night but not sleeping at all because of all the dust. There was the old 4 track I can remember seeing lying around at Mayfair the one covered in tape and funky drawings. I stayed awake all night and recorded some funky ideas on it but have no idea what happened to the ideas. On some old tape cassette somewhere gathering more dust probably eh? Erased most Likely. Did you keep all your old 4 track demos Karl? Loved those old demos mate!

‘The God song’ for ages had no lyrics to it. It was a kind of rhythmic scat. A free form way of improvising words to a song with just the suggestion of vocal sounds. Interesting ways to create songs I thought. All about the phrasing maybe. Interesting. Important.

All this was way before the record deal happened but was not long before rehearsing at the studio over at Wandsworth Royal Victoria Patriotic Building. A tiny studio space but enough for the 5 piece band to  set up and rock out through a 24 track mixer.. I think. A sweaty pit but funky as hell. Shock the doctor misses! Funny old world wot we live in init governor etc etc. We’d all meet up outside Embankment tube with our cheese and salad baps. In the old brown Sierra listening to Sign o the Times. Sign of the Depths more like.

Bryn the drummer on electronic druskanz 706ms and samples without cymbals only a hi-hat. Wow! Akai s900. The lack of cymbals limited the high pitch ringing in the ears somewhat which was a good thing in such a small rehearsal space and avoided cliched rock song endings though this concept would be revisited later. It was here a while later where the band showcased the album material for ‘Underneath the Radar’ for Seymour Stein who had signed Madonna a few years earlier.

The deal was struck on the basis of the private gig which all went well enough and with i should add an additional light show with search light and siren effects. It was also the basis for the approach to recording the album produced by Rupert Hine but without the lights. That of live recording pretty much everything. 2 or 3 takes of each tune. I think there may’ve been a few overdubs (Linn drum in ‘Glory Glory’) when it came round to being recorded but hardly any I remember. All live takes in between the massive Indian dinners. For the groove factor no less. Rick: ‘Impress me’. and ‘Serious’.

Looking back it seems like a long period of time but it was only a couple of years all in all. So much done really in a relatively short time. T’was back signing on in no time at all.

One of the most memorable times was the video for Underneath the Radar single at ‘The Place’ in Euston in London. Directed I think by Andy Wilson and filmed on steady cam by the guy who had just worked on the film ‘Aliens’ couple of years before. Steady cam still a touch for the time and the 4 minutes or so shot in one continuous take with split screen edits in post production. Great to watch that back all these years later. But unfortunately the ‘Glory’ video didn’t turn out quite as well.

Will write some more soon on the tour stuff.

Arguments in the back of tour buses before going on stage. Usual stuff. Dodgy monitors, hissy fits, Tears, ZZ Top, Zawinal. Demanding drum risers on stages not enough room to swing a cat. What was that all about?  I guess that what all this really means is that besides being there as a bassist as a musician there was running parallel documentary reportage and media context. Somehow to document the time was important and I realised it was an opportunity in this capacity. Maybe for media work later on.

The enduring memory of the early gigs aside from no one being there was the buffet spreads in the dressing rooms. usually consisting of cheeses and ham occasionally with bits of pineapple covered in cling film as standard. Was this important? And the customary obligatory bread rolls which were the stapled dietary necessity for life on the road. Or at the Marquee club which Underworld only played once but the Freur following filled out the Marquee on the one occasion.

In fact the cheese role ritual or custom remained consistently through out approximately 15 years on the road. or a road cliche. Not that i’m complaining of course it was a perk. Being a vegetarian at that time and with the many trips up and down the autobahn service station omelettes and cheese sandwiches as far as i was concerned represented luxury though a rank tour bus /transit van was usually how we traveled. tour bus? you were lucky..

Sleeping in such conditions in a transit van that most museos will tell you isn’t too much fun over long distances and choppy ferry crossings being entertaining to say the least. Heavy Swells. Even if the gigs weren’t too well attended at the beginning it was still a laugh and great experience at 22 yrs old. The crowd chants on the German gigs where the band had somewhat of a past rep with Freur the audiences were always warm and welcoming. we’d get call backs for encores most nights. This is where i’d double as a vocoder player on second keyboard parts. Blag.

Still have to get round to writing more about the life and times on the US tour. Until I get it together here’s some pictures to keep you amused.

Early days on the road in Europe transit van 88




On the Autobahn


In Bavaria ’88



kh&rs 001

Untitled 1988, Autobahn Germany.





Triple exposure in Hamburg





scanz 0010

the wallpaper on tour in Cologne



‘I’d leave it 10 minutes or so before going in there’


P1190276 copy

Alf in Amsterdam



HR Ham 87

At the now legendary stop over in Hamburg ‘Rosenhof’


On the first European tour which was only a couple of weeks we got one decent place to stop in. think it might’ve been the Chelsea in Cologne or maybe not. Mashed Potato and Salmon in Brussels? Memory is funny init?

Can’t really remember much else. but having a single room was a bloomin’ luxury. Not like the US tour with Mike the sound engineer. Decent enough bloke though. Worked out of The Strongroom near old St few years ago.


Cologne view



The Band had close ties with friends Chris and Sylvia in Hamburg. Chris was bassist in the band before I came along. Chris was a Jaco fan like me and on the surface we got on fine but I sensed a weird vibe one time in Hamburg.

We have though recently been in contact again on Facebook and all is good now if there were any misunderstandings before. But I remember the Hamburg shows at Grose Freiheit were the best. The first in particular.

skanz 064

Karl in Toronto 1989 beginning of The Eurythmics Tour and end of the beginnings.

karl on stage @ the Milkweg in Amsterdam early ’88

it’s funny I knew and had been to the Melkveg (MilkyWay) in the last week of 1981 with a bunch of friends and here I was again this time with a band. Great stuff. Lucky Git.

Alfie Noakes in Romford

skanz 09018

Alf and a 4 track

baz in Oz 88

Me in Melbourne Oz ’88. Back of the Cab dialogue D&C with Pascal

After first show in Australia ’88- photo : pascal

Melbourne view

Had a great time in Australia! cheers guys for that. Great experience!

scanz 0009

Not sure who took this from the milkweg show.. good though.. maybe Andy Wilson. that’s me at the back playing a Ibanez sunburst in a while polo neck and jumpsuit. Had to be Black and White. everything everything.



Rick in Autobahn cafe



Bryn Burrows on drums

skanz 709








skanz 713

Karl and Tracy in Hamburg early doors.




skanz 714











skanz 710

Photo session in Germany early ’88

Which way the winds blow? Rick on the ferry from Dover’ 88- good times ahead

Karl Painting mural 89 in Abridge barn studio

Untitled (Underworld)

Karl painting mural 89- really like this image





Karl painting ’89







Karl painting in ’89





scanz 0049

on the autobahn services stop.. cabbage eating.. and currency issues. Note Karl with video camera.









Karl on the road in Germany early ’88






Rick driving minibus on tour early spring ’88

skanz 050K


skanz 051


scannerz 3336

First Ave Minneapolis

skanz 533cc

At Graceland in Memphis TN

po 031 001-1

Karl’s guitar- 1966-PAK-MUD?-RAT…, FINK$-WOTZITS-DUB-YOB-JERQS-QU.123AAH-7-LUV-YES- etc

po 030 001-1

Numbers in Houston TX

po 035 001

Karl in Santa Barbara

po 023 001-1

Molson Park gig in Toronto Canada



Karl on North American Tour Summer ’88


Bryn @ soundcheck in Quebec Canada


Berlin ’89


Berlin ’89


Berlin ’89


Germany ’89


Berlin soundcheck ’89


Karl @ soundcheck in Berlin ’89

skanz 0303 skanz 0310

skanz 737

on stage in Milwaukee. Photo by Adam Toth

skanz 06011

this was only the second half of the American tour-

skanz 050002

skanz 708

Simon Fowler photo credit  ’87 or ’88

skanz 07051

Don’t do that…Do this

scannerz 3337

Charlie Prevost

skanz 543

Rick and Karl in Road Island

skanz 07040 001

Alan Tech, Me, Karl and Alf in Houston @ Numbers. A good gig that!

skanz 09031

That’s Chris Bell and Alfie maybe in Berlin 89














Alfie in Berlin

scanz 6777c

Cool dude. Summer of ’89 in Abridge while recording second album and before European and American tour.

The drive into Toronto from the airport. CN Tower and SkyDome in view. Went to see Jeff Beck that night. Our show was the next day. Massive gig.

5 months of playing 20 months of hanging about.. in airports

Montreal hockey stadium gig

Montreal Soundcheck 1989.. Mummy

my mum lived in Montreal at the time and the tour manager hit on her at dinner afterwards Lol

scannerz 3352

Montreal gig with the Eurythmics ’89

skanz 8895

skans 568

postcard from Radio City Music Hall

skanz 06001

Karl with both kinds of watches on the ferry ’87. digital and analogue

skanz 057 001cc

Bus Driver 1989. We nearly crashed leaving Chicago after a massive blizzard.


Pascal in Philadelphia, 1989

Alan Grange in Philadelphia 1989

uw g

Glory Glory CD

Rick at soundcheck in Boulder CO

Bryn Burrows in Amsterdam-’88Never knew why Bryn never came to Australia with us. Think he’d just had enough touring or maybe it was a bizarre gardening accident. But it was my shout to get Pascal in on drums and it worked out.

rs89cg 001

Rick Smith 1989, Cologne Germany.

Where did Max come from?

Max Hocrad and Pascal outside the Sky Dome in Toronto

scanz 0053

Loitering 1989

scannerz 3354

Box office @ Fox theatre 1989

On the tour bus. Karl and Charlie Provost


Selfie in L.A 89 This was after the last show at Lara’s apartment in West Hollywood.



24-02-15 005 001

Bit of a grim vibe after the last show at the Amphitheatre in LA. Remember the last song of the set was ‘Beach’.

skanz 051 001cc


Underworld take a break from rehearsing before American Tour in 89.

really good picture that captures the madness and surreal sense of humour.

UW@ Barn 89

Alf, Pas, Me, Rick Karl, Max and Adam 89 in a field


skanz 09027



Bryn Burrows on Drums 1988

Bryn Burrows- I took this on stage during a show in the states ’88






carlos 88

Miracle Party. First song in the set back then. Karl plays guitar solo


skanz 712cc

Photograph the Photographer Photographing the Photographer Photographing and Ricks nose


Roxy gig in LA ’88 on side A and San Diego on side B




some of this tape has been posted onto youtube. Big Red X and a few Tunes.


Tape of Demos in early ’89




pascal on the tour bus before a gig American Tour Nov ’89

oi smith where are yer? Romford ’89

19-07-15 025 001 19-07-15 012 001






19-07-15 008 001

19-07-15 007 001

SN 89

Taken during Stand up video shoot in Sierra Nevada Spain 89

kh almeria 89 copy

Karl in Almeria 1989


untitled, Detroit MI- 1988-

skanz 09028

Rick having a smoke before getting the ferry in spring ’88

skanz 09004

on tour in the states. its probably a Denny’s. pictures taken by Alan Grange

skanz 09005

Life on tour.

skanz 09006

omelette again or is it a tuna melt?

skanz 09008

is there anything without cheese or fries? Eggs easy over again?

skanz 09010

happy days!


Rick Smith ’89 pre tour madness at the airport

skka 006 skka 007 skka 009 skka 010 skka 011

skanz 707 skanz 0304





skanz 0317

scannerz 3360

The Wall before


see yer later

So Get Hip




scannerz 3340

A brief reunion in 1991 with a few gigs in Hamburg Germany with new tunes and some oldies thrown in for good measure


Distinctive writing of Ricks on tape sleeve. soon after this began the next chapter for Underworld signing new record deal. and the rest as they say is History.

A year later I was back on the road playing bass with D-Influence.

Check out the SX-Polaroids page on this blog for Underworld images from US and Australian tours ’88 and ’89.



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